Unable to connect lights - Support ticket unanswered

I created support ticket 199191 on Wednesday, 12/14 at 3:38PM Pacific time. The only response I’ve received is from the automated ticketing system that issues the ticket number. When I followed up this morning for additional information, I was informed again of my ticket number by the automated system. Can you please help direct some attention to my ticket so I don’t have to return these lights this week? Also, what should I expect the SLA for responses to be, so I know rather I’ve waited to long for a response (per agreement) or not.

Thank you for your time,

I’ve had a support ticket open for over a month. Still waiting for a response.

I sent a follow up mail to my ticket on Monday morning (around the time I created this post); and I received a response from support overnight last night (granted, we’re still working the issue; but responses are good). @scliffe, you might try sending a gentle nudge by replying to your mail asking for an update.