Unable to use both Lifx and Nest in combination in Android app

Hi Team,

I’m writing an Android app by using lifx-sdk-android and nest-sdk-android.

I need to connect to Lifx bulb color 1000 in wifi settings then only I’m able to control its powerstate. But, I need to connect to a network in wifi in order to control thermostat using Nest API. If I connect to Lifx bulb under wifi then I’m unable to use Nest API.

Basically I should have both the functionalities. My requirement is when user sets to Away profile then I should turn on bulb. similarly if user sets Home profile I should turn off lights.

Is there any solution to achieve the above said two functionalities together. Please help me with the possible solutions.


Hi Krishna.

you will need to onboard the light bulb onto a network of your choosing using a LIFX App (iOS/Android/Windows) first.


Hi Florian,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes. I connected the bulb to wifi network through Default playstore lifx app. Sometimes its not getting connected directly. It launches the smartphone’s wifi settings screen. I connected to the bulb in the phone’s wifi settings screen. Then I disconnected it and connected to my regular wifi network.Then I’m unable to control the light through my program. If I keep the wifi network connection with the bulb then I’m able to control the light.

Is it mandatory to keep connected to bulb in my smartphone wifi. I request you to kindly resolve this issue. Its a blocker for me and I have to demonstrate to my management tomorrow with both the Lifx and Nest combination. Nest requires internet connection as I said in my above comment.


Hi Krishna,

if you have to connect to a Access Point that is opened by the light bulb that means the bulb is not properly onboarded onto your network. After successfully onboarding the bulb will connect to a wifi of your choosing (and not offer its own Access Point anymore). Only this will allow the lightbulb to connect to the internet and you communicating with both the lightbulb and the internet.

If you have problems onboarding the light bulb, please contact the support at either support@lifx.co / https://support.lifx.com/hc/en-us as this is a forum targeted at developers, not a support forum.