Unresponsive bulb, only strobes bright green

LIFX A19 juat over a year old and it stopped working the other day. It wouldnt turn off and was faintly flashing green. I tried resetting it and it started strobing a light green color. It strobes for about 4 seconds, stops for 1 second and starts strobing again. I’ve tried resetting several times and even let it sit on the counter for 5 days. Nothing works, it doesnt show up on my network and it’s not broadcasting wifi to set up either

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I got this happened, I did warranty and received a new replacement from LIFX

This literally happened to all 5 of my bulbs last week after the update.

I had to reset it. Then Power it off of like 30 minutes. Reset it again, power it off again for like 30 minutes. Power it off one final time and turn it back on, and then it finally let me get everything working.

It was crazy and my wife was not happy, but now it is working fine.

Mine is being replaced under warranty.
I couldnt imagine all of them doing that, sounds awful

I’ve had a couple of bulbs go South or not function properly and LIFX has been very good about replacing them. I also had major problems after an update several revs back, but again, LIFX was great. Even sent me a special installation app for that particular fix. For about 2 weeks WAF was WAY down, but now the bad bulbs are replaced and everything is working well. She’s happy and WAF is approaching 95%!