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Updating the HTTP API and LAN Protocol docs for the Candle Colour

Hey LIFX folks,

Any idea when the LIFX HTTP API and LAN Protocol docs will be updated to include the Candle Colour functionality?



We have an overhaul of the lan documentation coming (could be a while away though) and part of that will have a page on the candle.

In the meantime, think of the candle as a tile that wraps around instead of being flat. Except instead of 8x8 it’s 6x5 and that first row is the LED on the top of the candle.


That animation is awesome. Thanks!

Can I target a Candle with Tile messages via Photons?

yeap, the tile messages are very poorly named :stuck_out_tongue:

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Probably worth a rename to Matrix messages, especially with the Tile being discontinued. :slight_smile:

Something like that. The tricky part is that the concept of a chain and the concept of a matrix are kinda mixed into the messages. Also, the naming of these messages is a pretty low concern.

Wait, what?

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