[URGENT] LIFX Connection dropping

Hello, currently using LIFX plus bulbs and Z Strips, and noticed a major problem. They drop connection ALL THE TIME!!! Anyone have a workaround for this. I am using SmartThings and tried to avoid HUE at all costs, and I really love the LIFX bulbs, but this connection plague needs to be fixed. The one thing that is KILLING my love for these.


Same here. I bought 3 bulbs a couple weeks ago and have been going mad trying to get them all to stay connected.
So far I have done the following which has improved it from a couple of hours to 24-48 hours. But this is not acceptable:
-Turned one of my two unifi AP Pros into a Lifx Hub. It only has one SSID available and only the lifx bulbs are connected to it.
-Set channel to 1 instead of auto. (I might try a different channel)
-Turned airtime fairness off.
-Reduced channel width to 20mhz as Lifx recommends.
-My new Lifx hub is in the same room as the bulbs.

I will probably be returning them soon. They are great when they work, but they need to work 100% of the time like every other wifi device in the house. I am becoming convinced they have a design flaw as Lifx has been around for a few years now and have been unable to resolve these issues. One of them dropped offline just last night. The search for great color changing bulbs continues…


I am having the exact same problem with LIFX plus and Z strips. I own 17 of the first and second generation bulbs and have no issues with them.


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I have 46 devices of which 3 are lifx z strips. The 3 strips drop all the time.


Same exact problem here. +1 The only way to get them back online is a power cycle, otherwise the disconnected button on the app stays that way permanently. I’ve just gotten used to physically power cycling the strips. :frowning:


Also notable, all the bulbs stay on (~20 of them), only the strips drop from the network completely.


Yes, they are amazing bulbs, and the colors are very nice and vibrant, however the connection issues ruined them for me. Really tried to love them but having to power cycle my light bulbs is a deal breaker

When playing with the strips, the little control box must be placed high up. I noticed if it’s on the floor or covered, they drop connection, if it’s placed well, they work fine. (I think there is a pretty weak sauce antenna in that)

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Mine is 3 meters from the closest UnuFi AP Pro. on Auto power which typically means high.

I have 3 LIFX Strips that are all within 2 meters of the nearest Unifi AP AC Lite.

1 is about 6 inches off the ground, 1 is 4 feet off the ground, 1 is 6 feet off the ground. They all drop off about once every 4-5 days (all on different days). I have 2 LIFX Gen3 bulbs right by them and they have worked without issue for months.

I have one single unit and am experiencing the same problem.

Firmware update from the phone failed completely, using the update app on Windows immediate detection and upgrade no issue.

Every single night I have to power down the Z, wait and power up again and back online it goes. My 7 gen 1 bulbs all work perfectly.

I raised a support request and was sent this "I’d love to see where you’re reading that, as I have the exact opposite take from working in support. " I informed the support person they should look at these very pages as this is where my comment came from that seems most people have this issue.

Anyway understandable that problems occur, an RMA was issued and I believe another unit is on its way to me now. The support team could respond a little faster but things have vastly improved since they started, it was a really good process which is so nice to see.

If you are still having problems with the Z talk to support, they will probably replace your controller like they said mine will be after testing the replacement.

Further to this I am testing in my office. The z connects just fine and is found no problem.
Using LIFXLAN in Python I can run the helloworld sample and it finds the Z and supplies all details.
Give it 20 mins and whilst I can still control the Z the helloworld script fails, the Z responds to a connection request but does not return all details so the scripts fails. Give it 5 more mins and the Z is no longer on the network. Power off for 30 seconds and this process repeats itself.

The product is faulty or their firmware needs urgent work, this happens on two units so would appear to be a product fault not a unit fault.

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don’t buy LIFX Z.

my family purchased 80 * A19/BR30 Gen 3 bulbs and 20 *Z strips to replace 50 Philips hue bulbs because LIFX is much brighter and its color is more accurate.

My original ASUS RT-68U couldn’t provide enough coverage for my home, so I have tried 6 Google WiFi access points, the result is that Z drops all the time, A19 and BR30 become unstable after I installed around 60A19/BR30 and 5*Z strips.

and then I tried 3*Cisco 3802i, the result is A19/BR30 seldom drops with 68 installed, but never can get Z onboard.

in the end, I tried to use 3Google wifi APs plus 3Cisco 3802i & 2504 controller, I could get 55A19/BR30 onboard on cisco, and 10A19 & 5*Z strips onboard on google, but both A19/BR30 and Z drop randomly all the time.

I even uninstalled all A19/BR30, and tried google wifi, cisco 3802, asus, and all the combinations for only 5*Z strips, Z drops all the time.

my conclusion: Z is faulty, A19/BR30 are fine but don’t try more than 60 bulbs if you home is smaller than 2500 SQ FT. (this is my guess that LIFX bulbs are installed too crowded in my case and create interference.)

I created a case support, and the person asks me to provide how I configured my router. actually, I have hired cisco certificated expert to do site survey and install APs in my home!

well, support also asks me if I like to return bulbs. I wish I could, but I live overseas and all the boxes were gone.


It might be a little too early to tell completely but I think I discovered something pretty major that might apply to some of you.

I’ve had a Ethernet over Power adapter that I installed to generate a distant WiFi hotspot. (LIFX lights weren’t using that hotspot) but I ended up unplugging it with the intention of relocating it and after it’s been off for a day or so, I am seeing exceptionally improved response times on LIFX lights as well is no offline issues.

Hopefully this helps some others.

[body is too similar to what I posted in another related thread so I’m adding this]
[body is too similar to what I posted in another related thread so I’m adding this]

A new firmware is coming we are told on here so fingers crossed this resolves the situation.

I tried the beta, can’t see any improvement, cisco controllers still shows errors as follows,

*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_6: Jul 01 23:17:24.239: %DOT1X-3-INVALID_WPA_KEY_STATE: 1x_eapkey.c:2819 Received EAPOL-key message while in invalid state (4) - version 1, type 3, descriptor 2

it happens to A19/BR30 randomly, but happens to Z every few seconds, and I guess it is the reason A19/BR30 drops and Z can’t get onboard.

according to Cisco’s technical document, client driver causes this kind of errors and needs to be upgraded.

See [URGENT] LIFX Connection dropping

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My Z has not skipped a beat since the 1.22 firmware went in

I had almost given up. My lights would loose the wifi connection within 24 hours. Changing channels reestablished the connection, but it would be gone again in a day. I think the problem was the wifi channel selection. When I switched from the regular 1,6, or 11 to channel 10, there has been no problems.

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Hi all

Is this still working well following the firmware update or have they reverted back to disconnecting?