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[URGENT] LIFX Connection dropping


( Hi Aaron :wave: )

I have 21 bulbs and 3 z strips connected to two Unifi UAC-AP-Lite devices. All but the Z are pretty rock solid now, and the Z’s are hanging up a lot less than they used to.

I have SmartThings, so I put all the Z strips on SmartThings outlet controls. Now I can whack them from anywhere.


Looks like I’m having the same problem :frowning:

Had a few problems with the initial connection, sorted that.

The lights then disconnected and haven’t been able to get them back online.

Tried resetting twice, no luck. Raised a support request.

I now have lights that I can switch on and off manually… joke :frowning:


Same - had 10 lights installed last week (7 flood lights and 3 internal) within a day they some of the dropped off line. Did everything discussed to get them back , and within 5 mins they went off again, luckily my supplier took them back - said it happens all the time and he has stopped carrying the product. I installed 10 new Hues, and they work perfectly. its unfortunate as the LIFX lights are awesome- but the connectivity issues are hopeless and seem to have been around for years, not sure how they stay in business as there must be a lot of returns.


It would be interesting to see what Wifi chip is in each of your Wifi Routers. I had an issue with an Asus Router that seemed to be an issue with the Radio. Since I switch to a Cisco Aironet 3602E I haven’t had 1 problem with my Lifx bulbs and its been up for several months. See this post: Found issue with Asus Router Firmware - AC5300

For my Z Strips it appears there may be a bug in the Firmware when connecting to cisco hardware. See my post here (especially the update at the bottom): Issue with Z Strip and Cisco Equipment


I was having the same disconnecting problem with all of my Gen3 bulbs but not on Gen1 and 2.

I came across a couple of enlightening threads from Reddit and here in the community, one stating a broadcast from another host in the network causing the bulbs to disconnect and the other about putting the lights in another segment in the network.

The easier one for me is to segment the Lifx bulbs and other IoT devices on a different routed LAN segment. So far it has been rock solid for 2 days using all the same hardware.

For a while I thought it was the wifi and been fiddling with channels and everything that has been suggested to do with the wifi router but it is the same thing. I hesitated going to network segments as I wanted all IoT on the same LAN as some do not work with Cloud connection like the Sonos, AV receivers and Harmony.

Anyway I think having Lifx on another network segment is workable. I’m going to attempt to find the device that is broadcasting to make the Gen3 bulbs go offline.



I am using Gen 2 bulbs and had problems for months using my Google Onhub router before they were finally fixed with a firmware update (whatever was prior to 1.22)

I opened the app for the first time in a long time a week ago and saw there was a firmware update to 1.22 available. Foolishly, I ran the update and now the connection problems are back. Of my 4 bulbs, at least 1 disconnects (and does not reconnect) per 24 hours. Overnight last night, 3 of them dropped.

This is really disappointing. I’m kicking myself for updating the firmware for what had been a wonderful 4 or 5 months without any problems.

Is there any solution to this? Is this an issue being tracked? Is there a new beta I can try and see if it fixes things?



I’d been experiencing the connectivity drop issue for a few weeks and tried the official setup steps with no success.
After reading around on the forums I saw a comment about other WiFi devices on the same network causing the disconnect/brick issue.

What I did was to name my 2,4 ghz WiFi to Lifx and connect the bulbs only to it whilst connecting every other wifi device to the 5 ghz (with another ssid) and checking the box “AP Isolation”
This seems to permanenty fix the issue (no disconnects so far!)


I’m in the same exact boat as you. Is there a way to revert the firmware or push lifx to fix it …again? My only work around I can think of right now is to put all 8 bulbs back on a separate bridged wifi connection (which I was doing for a while before they fixed the original onhub issue). I’m hoping this will get these 1.22 bulbs connected.



Thanks for this suggestion! Giving LIFX Z strip its own unique SSID appears to have fixed this for me too.

I spent several hours hours trying every conceivable network setup /channel, channel width, and much more besides.

However only the LIFXZ had to change, the other LIFX 1000 continues working on the original SSID. I don’t think differnt SSIDs is an issue here and so seemed safest to isolate just the LIFX Z strip…

And all looking good so far! :slight_smile:


Giving the LIFX its own SSID works here too. Many thanks!


For those of you who use Unifi UAPs, try downgrading to firmware

For some reason, that’s the only thing that prevents my bulbs from constantly disconnecting. I try to upgrade to the latest UAP firmware (UAP-AC-LR and UAP-AC-LITE) every couple of months, but it’s never fixed…


Same here for the longest time … guess on an off having issues for 2 years now. Completely fed up … wasting my time. LIFX has fantastic lights – been a fan since the start, but needs to fix these firmware, connection issues rapidly!


Any new update on the LIFX+?

The light keeps losing connectivity, and yes I tried everything, even create a Cron script to keep it alive, but still nothing, the max I ever see it was 2 days before I had to turn off and on.

I see a lot of people have the same issue, and this is frustrating, I also have the Philips Hue and I never need to do anything to keep them working, I got the LIFX+ because I need it something with 1100 lumens (Philips max is 800) , but I don’t want a light who randomly losing connectivity.

I hope we got a quick response to fix the issue, so we can enjoy this smart light.

Thank you


I got the connectivity issue with the LIFX+, so I went back and exchange it.

I hoped was a defective one, but the second has the same issue too (keep disconnect often).

After a week, no one answers my request for an update, so I think I will just return it, too bad because the colour and the intensity of light are really beautiful.

I will stick with the Philips Hue and try the Ikea light when the support will be complete with Google, Alexa etc,.
I was looking for a High lumen light and Lifx was the solution. Too bad, maybe in the future, it will be better.


I had an issue with my Z Strip. after doing some diagnostics it appeared to be a bug in the firmware when connecting it to cisco equipment. I have another non-cisco access point that I have it connecting to and its been working ever since.

The reason I say my issue was isolated to cisco equipment because the wireshark capture showed the z strip sending out a proprietary cisco packet for WDS even though WDS is disabled in my cisco device.

I tried to report it but they began to ignore the thread that we had going back and forth and I didn’t feel like creating another one. I posted all of my captures and evidence here. No one from lifx has replied to it yet but I’m sure they can see it.


Same problem here, with some bulbs losing connection. I love the lights themselves, but this constant dropping connection is so pathetic and annoying, I will consider changing everything to Hue bulbs. Already have 6 hue bulbs and NEVER had a dropping problem like this.


Thanks for the investigation.
The fact that Lifx keeps ignoring this thread makes me :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I tweeted about the connection drop .
If we all put in social media about this with hashtag #connectiondrop #LIFX , this could push them to work on the issue instead of posting their self glorification


I just wanted to share my story of LIFX connection issues. I have 19 bulbs of various sizes. My main wifi network was not reaching far enough to reach all the bulbs so I was using an old powerline extender which created 2 separate networks from my main wifi network. With these 3 networks I was getting constant drop offs, requiring the bulbs to be power cycled, and in the worse cases, requiring a full factory reset and repairing. I finally upgraded to a Google Wifi mesh system with several “pucks” scattered around the house, and now have strong signal strength everywhere with only 1 unified wifi network. The result so far has been about 99 percent reliability, and the rare few times a light appears to be off network, it reconnects itself fairly quickly. I have required zero power cycles since getting the mesh network installed. Your mileage may vary, but if you are having issues with connectivity and have multiple wireless networks in your house, consider one unified network.


I had continual drop outs on 5 globes too, giving the LIFX its own SSID and isolating AP has seemed to work, I have had no dropouts for a week now. Many thanks I was just about to give up on LIFX and start buying Philips Hue.


Same here I thought my bulbs were faulty but it seems like I am not the only having this issue and sadly I cant just allocate one SSID to the bulbs.