Usefull switch for lifx

I am looking for a switch for LIFX that allows me to turn ON/OFF from the LIFX APP’s regardless of the position in which the switch is.

That is, if LIFX is illuminated and pulse switch it will turn off. But if I would to I can do it through the LIFX APP’s. It would not have to press the switch button again.

I am sure that this is impossible, anyone know how to do this.

There was a 30 post thread on this earlier, you might get some good ideas in there

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I expressed bad. I would say that want a commercial switch not a “scene” switch.


I use a bunch of Flic buttons, and a

The Flics are really fast, but they need a bluetooth device around to talk to and relay the commands to the Cloud.

The is somewhat slower, but it can connect to the Wifi directly.

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