Using as safelight

Please don’t kill me for this question.

I need a safelight for photographic film processing and since I have Lifx bulb, I am wondering if I can use it as such. I doubt someone did try it for film processing, but may be someone did disassembled the bulb and knows how it is made. Is it made of different RGB diodes and is it using only the red ones when you switch the lamp to pure red?

The bulb is this one:

Apologies I am unfamiliar with darkroom requirements, however, the RGB is in separate LED packages. When using “0-degrees”, 100% saturation, only the red LEDs will be activated. However common wavelength for red LEDs is around 625nm which is slightly different too common safelight wavelengths (commonly 589nm according to wiki).

It is possible to mix the RGB on the colour wheel to create the right colour, however I am not sure if that is acceptable for darkrooms. With red only there will be next to no blue/green light which seems that is one of the key requirements.

I hope that helps, and would love to hear the result if you try it.

Thank you for the reply. I will test it and share the results.

Haven’t made a test (in scientific terms), but did develop some paper in the darkroom and didn’t notice any problems.

Did not find a way though to set exactly red color. Managed to set the wheel to 1 degree, 100% saturation and dimmed to the lowest level.

Great to hear you had success @ncheltsov!