Using LIFX on the go without reset/reconnecting

Bought 6 color bulbs gen.3
The idea was to use them during my vinyl only dj sets.
Lots of trouble (and time) to connect them to a new router for every gig, and some venues even hadn’t wi-fi, so at last I did so:
1- android smartphone A (with sim card), used as hotspot.
2- android smartphone B (without sim card) used to run the LIFX app (connected to the wi-fi of smartphone A).

At the moment it seems the only way to bring your bulbs around without having to reset/reconnect them at every single gig.

Someone found how to control bulbs on the go using a single android smartphone? (assuming no external wi-fi is available)

Firstly - It is refreshing to hear that there are still DJ’s using vinyl :-). At times, I really miss my DJ days.
I can see how LIFX would be a perceived alternative to standard DJ and Stage lighting however I think you are best served by sticking with time-tested DMX. There are solutions for the remote/club DJ using DMX and an Android.
I am not tying to talk you out of using LIFX (maybe a little) for your application. Just ask yourself, what isyour time is worth, Struggle with setting up wifi, pairing, configuring, etc
Check out flarecon-air from chauvetdj for wifi DMX, throw in some DMX lights and done.
Hope this helps.

The only way to get this working, from what I’ve seen, is to bring a Wi-Fi access point with you. Similar to your dual-phone setup, I’m seeing this as having an access point that can connect to the local Wi-Fi and then have its own that you connect to on a different channel.

I wrote something similar using two APs here:

I bet there are SOHO Wi-Fi routers that can do this all in one box, but it is a very strange use-case.