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Using LIFX switch button to control another LIFX switch button

Hi All,

Maybe I am missing something obvious…

I have just completed a reno where I have replaced all my existing ‘dumb’ light switches with LIFX switches. I have a LIFX switch with one of the buttons hardwired to 4 ‘dumb’ downlights in my stairwell. That switch is at the bottom of the stairs. I then have another LIFX switch upstairs in our bedroom and I would like to use one of the buttons to control the downlights in the stairwell (ie switch on and off) - like a conventional 2 way switch I suppose. From everything I can find and from playing around with the switch, I can’t find a way for this to work without creating a scene for ‘Off’ and a scene for ‘On’ and assigning them to two buttons on the upstairs switch. Its a bit frustrating that you cant trigger another button from a different light switch. That to me would seem like a fairly straightforward feature that many people would be seeking. Am I missing something?



Not possible. I replied to your other post as well on another thread.

+1 for this. I have gone all-in on LIFX switches. I still have hardwired lights in places and Providing a software version of 2way control I.e one switch can trigger another switch is really needed.