VB.net startup examples

Hi . I am new here, but would like to use VB.net (because I have some familiarity with VB) to control lifx lights in my home, in conjunction with other functions.

I have never done coding to send packets across a LAN, so am newbie there. I know from the past that the best way to learn is to see snippets and piece them together for my own purposes…until my understanding rises through familiarity.

Initially I am only trying to understand the basics… I have read the Lifx provided doc on LAN protocols and have spent some time piecing together packets, however I need some help and pointers (and basic code examples) to get me going.

  • To discover the bulbs,
  • Send packets to individual bulbs, or as a whole,

If anyone could please help, by providing me a few vb.net samples for the above to kick start my learning…it would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Nenexor.

The problem isn’t the choice of language, it’s that LIFX developer documentation doesn’t include sample code. Period.

There are some examples that some developers have done in other languages including C# available on sites like github but, as far as I know, no officially endorsed sample code that provides known good, simple code that can be used as a starting point.

Until the LIFX Developer Evangelism people (if any) create real sample code your best bet is to work from these user created examples and translate language.

Thanks for responding Mike. Yep, fully agree with your comments.

It’s a shame about the lack of developer support. It only serves to block creativity in the market place….and the mind boggles at the lost potential breadth of applications that could now be using LIFX lights; amounting to huge additional sales for LIFX ?

OK, I’m going to park this project for the moment…hope the situation improves in the future. Cheers.

I agree that LifX needs a better developer evangelism group (or person). I suspect they did have somebody on it early on as the web API sample page is a very nice tool. Sadly the dropped the ball on the network API documentation and examples.

If anybody from LifX is listening, I’ll be happy to talk to them about that. I’ve done the same work for major software companies and, since I want to see this product line succeed and survive, I’d be happy to comp them some cycles.