Vera Smart Home Control Integration?

Is there any knowledge of LIFX working on a plugin for the vera range of home automation controllers?

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I own many LIFX bulbs and would love to see a plug-in for my Vera Plus.

I’d love to see that too. For the time being, if you search in the Mi Casa Verde forum, you’ll find instructions on how to get the Vera to control your bulbs. It takes a little technical know-how, but the instructions are all more or less listed there. You’ll need to generate a token, modify a file and copy it to the Vera using SCP to avoid the file being compressed and subsequently corrupted (I used WinSCP), then copy another file over using the Vera’s webserver page. After that, you can use LUUP script to control the lights through scenes.
Not the most elegant solution, but it works.

It would be great if there were a way for the Vera to act as a server to control the lights over the LAN autonomously so we don’t need to rely on the flaky LIFX servers and our ISPs. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when I come home drunk and my lights won’t work and I’m fumbling around in the dark! It’s bad enough when I’m sober. :rage:

Surely there’s someone out there who can do this… I would even be willing to make a donation! I’m extremely surprisd that Lifx are not jumping on board given their one limitation is how their lights can be controlled… No Wall switches etc. I know Lifx can be controlled through Vera via coding etc, however I am disappointed that there is not a more streamlined approach.

I’ve built a LIFX capability that runs on SmartThings for groups, bulbs, and scenes. SmartThings already had a bulb capability for LIFX, but mine is better however they had no support for groups or scenes.

I have also written an app for ST that allows you to control these with the Cooper RF9500 wall switch.

I don’t have a vera…

Unfortunately Smartthings is yet to hit Australian shores… Ridiculous, I know. I considered importing one, however given Zwave frequency differences I decided against it. I’m not too sure what’s best from here, I think I’ll look into the scripts I have already found online.

You will be pleased to know that I have imported a SmartThings hub! haha. This being the case, do you happen to know whether a Philips Hue tap will be able to trigger LIFX lights?

There is someone working on another Vera plugin presently. They have mentioned that their time is scarce, but the groundwork is already down. I’m cautiously optimistic.
Already it is much simpler than using scripts, though not as flexible yet. Keep your eye on its development – the person programming it is very attentive to user’s requests and suggestions.

I have developed a Lifx plugin for Vera. It was an spare time project, but its fairly well developed now and it fully supports both colours and dimming. If anyone is interested drop me a message and i’d be happy to share it.

I have put my plugin up on the vera App Store now. Its called Lifx. Just install it and you will see a new device under your devices. Under device options add your Lifx API key and it will recognize and add all your bulbs to Vera

I have procured the latest vera plus unit, I have installed the lifx plugin, once in the device a message appears " please insert lifx api key within settings page" yet the settings doesn’t exist. Looking at another lifx plugin, the lifx api key field is within the device page, once inserted and connect I dont have any visibility or control of lights / scenes. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do as im not incredibly savvy with plugins. Thanks.

Hi Adtech, if you look at the plugin with the lifx api key option on the settings page (this is my one), just add the api key and click save API key, then navigate back to the devices page. Wait 30 seconds or so and go to the device settings page, add the API key again if its not connected and click save. Do this a couple of times and it will connect. There is a bug in there where sometimes its not persisting the API key initially, but it will work after a couple of tries.

Once its connected it takes about 30 seconds for it to load all your devices from the service and populate them on the devices page.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Thanks for the reply, I have followed the procedure and the lifx service is connected yet the devices are still not populating, is there something im missing as it seems like a straight forward process. Please see pictures attached.


Hello Maninblack,

This is feedback pertaining to the “other” plugin. If you had scrolled down you would have seen the link to the settings page/section.

The community is fairly active and someone would have almost certainly assisted you on the “other” forum had you reached out.