Virtual 2-Way button toggling incorrectly

Hi all,

Cross posting from Reddit in case someone from Lifx support can chime in

I have one terminal on switch A wired to a non Lifx device named Hallway. A button on switch A is assigned to Hallway

On switch B I’ve set a button to point to the non Lifx device Hallway.

When I toggle the button on switch A it turns the Hallway on/off as expected. When I toggle the button on switch B it turns whatever was toggled on from switch A off and then toggles them back on. For example if I have buttons 1,3 turned on from switch A and I press my Hallway button on switch B it will turn whatever is linked to buttons 1,3 off and then when I press it again it turns then back on. Buttons 2,4 stay off if they were off to begin with…

Anything obvious I’m missing ?

Edit: Did a little bit more testing this morning. On switch B (the remote switch) it will always toggle terminal 1 and whatever other terminal I’m pointing it to. Eg 1&2, 1&3, 1&4 but it will do 1 by itself.