What about subzones ant end time

Hi all of you,

English is not my mother tong so please, be cool with some mistakes and please do your best to use simple words.

I do not understand why it’s not possible to create subzones more than 1.

Here is my suggestion:

Main Zone => my home
1st Sub Zone => day zone
2nd Sub Zone => night zone

Why can we not create sub sub zone in the day zone or in the night as below

Sub Zone => Day Zone
1 => Living Room
Left sofa light
Right sofa ligth
Center roof light
Left Tv Light
Right Tv light

2 => Dinning room
Minimum 3 lights in this room

3 => Kichen
Minimum 3 or 4 lights around the place to cook

Sub Zone Night Zone with sub sub zones for the different rooms like
=> 3 Bedrooms
=> 1 Desk room

With these differents sub sub zones it’ll easiest to plan scenes.

In the Lifx App, we have the possibility to create programs.
The program does many things but why there is no possibilty to stop it. Why?
Lifx bulbs are very useful to automate a house, but program is not ready to stop. In my mind, if we want to automate swith on, we could program a stop period too.
My goal is to switch on/off different bulbs in different rooms alternatively.

I think that is missing.

Thanks for reading.