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I built Thunderstorm for LIFX. Thanks, Dan, for setting up OAuth access!

Google Play:

App Store:


In the process of building a minimal go light control station. I have yet to be able to purchase a bulb, but using the lan api, I plan on making it a whole home light control system. I am a privacy/security nut, so I would leave the lifx bulbs on a private lan, and have the go server run in a DMZ between that lan and my normal lan.

Until I do get a bulb, is there any sort of test application to use, like a TCK or similar, against which I can verify my implementation?


That sounds like a pretty secure way to set things up. :smiley: We unfortunately don’t have a public bulb emulator or TCK right now. I’ll make sure to mention this at our next product planning meeting.


I just finished version 1 of SentiLux, a web app that uses the Web Speech API to change the lighting of your room based on the sentiment of your speech. Try it out here:


A Go API for LIFX devices’ LAN protocol. More utilities should be added, and the wiki will be expanded in the near future. It is fully functional and fully implements the protocol.


I’m working on an app to pulse my lights in time with music I’m playing through Spotify. I wrote a desktop version of it a few weeks ago, and it works well, but I’d really like to encapsulate it all as an app to make it easier to control while I’m on the “dance floor” with my guests.


I had planned on doing something similar. Do you have the source code available anywhere?


No, sorry; I might get around to posting the desktop version sometime soon. I’m just about to release a beta version of the Android app, though! It’s hard to find the spare time to work on it, but now everything is functional, though needs improvements. I can post a link here to a demo video hopefully sometime this week.

It’s been a fun project, but the app took a lot longer than I had predicted, especially given how easy the desktop version was. I knocked out the desktop version in a couple of hours, but I’ve been working on the app for like a month. It’s my first time developing for Android, though.


Here is something I have built - Lifx Ambilight Addon for Kodi

  • In Theater mode the add-on dims the Lifx lights as soon as a movie starts playing, and turns the lights back to original settings once the movie is done.
  • Ambilight mode turns your Lifx lights in a room-sized Ambilight.

Ambilight creates light effects around the television that correspond to the video content. Philips claims that a “more immersive viewing experience” can result. Ambilight is a lighting system that actively adjusts both brightness and color based upon picture content. Integrated into the television cabinet, Ambilight technology is aimed to enable the viewer to see more picture detail, contrast and color while eliminating on-screen reflections.

Ambilight technology works by projecting light from the rear of the TV cabinet in a very wide range of colors, shades and intensities. Viewers can choose to have Ambilight follow the color and brightness of the programme content – automatically changing with the colors on the screen


  • Fully customizable
    • Select All lights or a Group of lights.
    • Override brightness/hue/saturation for different states in Ambilight mode - playback started/resumed and paused.
    • Option to forcefully turn on or ignore lights which are powered off (not switched off)
    • Option to flash lights once on discovery
    • Option to disable the Theater/Ambilight mode for short videos
      • Option to customize what is considered a short video
    • Experimental: Option to undim lights when credits start rolling. (Uses
      • Option to delay the credits start time.
      • Does not always work, may ruin your movie-watching experience
    • Restore the lights to original states (color and power) when movie stops.
  • 2 Modes for your Lifx powered media center room
    • Theatre Mode
      • Dim or Turn off the lights when Movie starts playing
      • Undim or Turn on the lights when you pause the movie
      • Return the lights to original settings when Movie ends.
      • Option to configure Fading time to be proportional to the current brightness. (e.g. take 7 seconds to change brightness from 100% to 30%, while taking 5 seconds to change from 50% to 0%)
    • Ambilight Mode
      • Option to Dim the lights when Movie starts playing
      • Option to change minimum and maximum brightness


Kodi + Lifx + Ambilight + Movie (LOTR) Test


I finally have a demo video up and have released an alpha version of it to the play store:

I have alpha codes if you’d like to check it out. The store listing is here.


I’ve been working on a macOS menu bar applet that allows fine-grain control of my bulb. I use several different mobile devices (some that run neither android or iOS) and when at home I’m almost always on or near my computer, so I wrote this to suit my needs a little better.

I’m relatively new to working in Swift, so the code’s a bit of a mess at the moment. But it does allow control of kelvin, color, saturation, and brightness.

It’s available on Github if anyone wants to check it out.


I have a home grown Android app that runs on our phones – when we get a notification it passes the info to a home linux server. That linux server then sends a popup to all machines in the house with the icon (pic) and the notification message.

Integration with Lifx – if the notification is a text message, lights blink red. If the notification is an email, lights blink yellow. If the notification is a Viber msg, lights blink purple, etc, etc, etc… The same linux server that receives the notification and notifies the desktops also makes the lights blink (Lifx Python API).


Demo of what I described above:


This looks really great. May I ask if you would also share the desktop version with us? I’d be especially interested in either a mac or linux version.


An arduino library.
As of right now, all it supports is querying the status of the bulb, but I’m working on that :wink:


Hey folks…just curious if there are any apps that could be controlled by MIDI to change bulbs?

Sorry and I should add that I am not a developer but an end user and I would be looking for an easy to install app…


And lifx rocks…what a great product]


Not sure if this is what you looking for but for macOS there is Qlab which features MIDI to light control. I don’t think it has a direct integration for LIFX but it can fire scripts so that it should be possible to configure it for your purposes.


I pieced together a little Sunrisealarm app for Android. It checks if and when an alarm is set and turns the bulbs on at a specific time before that alarm.
I bought the bulbs for this very purpose so the lack of an app doing this, puzzled me. There is some javacode in this for the cURL requests and time pooling but everything else is pure tasker. I’ve got no programming experience and had to use, what I got. So this is as far as it goes :wink:

Check it out:


Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, I don’t have a mac!

Qlab looks wild…it also looks heavy duty. I am looking for something a little simpler. I appreciate the response. I will just keep looking.



I am writing a simple HTML page with straight, normal JavaScript.
My original purpose was to have a Christmas display flashing from red to green every second for a set duration.
Now I’ve added power on and off, colour change and brightness control.
My next step is to allow the user to select 2 or more colours, and use the cycle command to go through the chosen colours.
Unfortunately my /cycle API call is giving a 406 error.
Loving the ability to control my lights!