What do the newer bulbs have so many issues connecting?

I have 16 Bulbs.

8 Original
6 Color 1000’s
and 2 LIFX Z’s

Why is it that I forever have issues with the color 1000’s (and now the LIFX Z)? What is so different about them that they hardly ever work properly. Sometimes they cnnect for 20 - 30 seconds then drop off. Sometimes they don’t connect at all and flash red. I rarely ever have issues with the original LIFX. Also, it’s not a distance issue because I have bulbs all over the house and it is only the newer bulbs that have issues, not to mention that they do connect sometimes.

What is so fundamentally different with them that they hardly ever work?

did you try the new firmware that just came out a day or two ago ?

I can’t get them to connect long enough to do anything. Now that you say that my problems started yesterday. I didn’t upgrade them but someone else in the house may have, and I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the issues.

My 2 originals have been near flawless but the 4 White 800’s I bought this year have given me constant problems to the point that I’ve only installed 2 of them.

Contact support, this is not the forum for this issue.