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What is the current status of the power outage problem?

Still no update?

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All is quiet on this front it seems.

I’ve been caught out on a few occasions this past 12 months, although we do generally have stable power here in the UK.

It is terribly disappointing that LIFX have failed to address the obvious issue of power outages. Imagine being on holiday for two weeks and then returning to find that all of your lights have been on full power from day one, simply because of a brief power outage.

An unforgivable product flaw in my opinion, renders them pretty much unfit for bedroom use.


I have a bunch of Phillips hue bulbs with this feature. It is required for use in a bedroom. I sort of assumed that it was a feature that would be on the lifx bulb I just got, and am surprised to find myself registering to comment on a forum in order to vote for this to be added.

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Please give us some sort of an estimated time of when this feature will be implemented. It’s literally stopping me from putting them in my bedroom.

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The only downside I’ve experienced owning LIFX bulbs. It’s what’s stopped me from converting all my existing lights in the living room.

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This is RIDICULOUS! We have invested in your tech and then discover this fail that you seem to not care about. It seems innocuous, but when your whole family wakes up in the middle of the night - the night before exams etc it’s a significant disruption… but… to then read this thread and learn that you know about it and still have done nothing… for how long… as previous contributors have said, we just need an option to have the bulb default to off if power is lost.

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Registered to add my +1 to this thread. I’m beginning to regret purchasing these bulbs- this feature is a MUST.

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Would be nice if this got fixed… Just came back from a 3 week vacation/work trip… discovered all my lights have been on for most of the month.
Would be nice if I could see my bulbs status remotely and be able to turn them back off if they are going to default to on!

I had a power outage last night while at a concern, only to come home to a whole house of lights turned on. When is this going to fixed??

This is absolutely ridiculous! There was a power outage in the middle of the night, lifx turned on all the lights including the nursery, result? A crying baby, for more than 2 hours! Thanks Lifx for disrupting THE FUCKING FIRST night our baby was finally sleeping well! Could not regret more. If Philips has this feature, I am switching… Forgot to mention that not only the lights turned on but also got stuck, the only way to turn the thing off was unplugging it! What a joke…

Hi all,
There is news about this stupid behavior ?
For now I have removed all LIFX bulbs from all bedrooms !

This last night power outage, then all lights ON at 3:00am !!!
What’s going wrong with LIFX ?

@markh Still nothing on this? My LIFX bulbs are in the drawer until this basic functionality is added.

I found my way to this conversation after starting today with a 2:30am wake up call from LIFX! :slight_smile: All the lights not only turned themselves on after a power outage - but because my WiFi router and Google Home were also rebooting - short of getting up and turning them all off at the switch there was nothing I could do.

I’ve also come home an wondered why all the lights were on when I didn’t remember turning them on. Now I know!

So - are we any closer to getting a “restore last state” so if there were off before the outage, they stay off when the power comes back on?

Sadly I’ve also run into this after installing some bulbs to a remote location where power outages are common.

Considering how old this thread is, I can only think the reason why this isn’t fixed is because the behavior is not fixable by firmware but hardwired…

But if it miraculously is fixable by firmware, the factory reset on consecutive short power outages is not. The very first LIFX bulb I owned had a physical switch that had to be changed to the opposite position in order to factory reset. The new bulbs don’t have this - how else would you factory reset them if not through a sequence of on/off toggling? (Ok maybe the sequence could be made more unlikely to happen during an outage…)

Really hope your wrong but I think you might be right. I really can’t belive LIFX have yet to do anything about this, can’t even bother to follow up on all these comments!

And still nothing, not even a comment about whether this basic functionality will ever make it in. Loving the Philips Hue, I can have their bulbs in our rooms and not worry about a power fail in the middle of the night waking everybody up!

Maybe I can use my LIFX bulbs as dumb lights in the garage or something. Definitely regret getting them.

Just new to the LIFX product. Installing them throughout the house all downlighting and 2 globes. This was the first thing I thought of when playing with the lights via the app. I was curious to see if the light would reset to white after being set in a colour setting. I turned off the light switch then back on and to my surprise the light came on in the same configuration.

This got me thinking regarding power outages after testing to see if the light would remain off and no it did not.
Phew!! I thought to myself. My wife, who is not tech savvy, and mother in-law (only comes for holidays (Phew!!)). Can use the switches to operate the lights normally. Then the realisation that all the lights would come on after a power outage.

Most of the time this would not affect me as all lights are on a switch. We still use the lights as normal lights. We turn the light switch off when We go to bed and all lights are turned off at the switch. When we have returned home from work the lights are turned back on. If we intend to be out late we would turn the required lights on and programmed for our return. ( I have not yet had the chance to try this yet as my system is only a week old).

For me it is a safety concern that a light will not come on after a switch has been turned on due to a light setting in an emergency. This action resembles a power failure. What will you do if you could not turn your lights on manually in an emergency.

Those of you who have complained regarding this issue with no actual input to resolving the issue need to assess your understanding and limitations of current technology. ( we are not yet at Star Trek levels of tech.)

I have very little knowledge of the programming capability of the lights.

It takes a while for a wifi system to reboot after a power outage not sure on all systems tho. Mine approx 1min 30sec. Could that be used for the light to determine the power situation.

Is it also possible for the setting to be overridden with let’s say 2 flicks of the light switch to set back to white. Just tested this and works well. Could not find any instructions or information regarding this.

The print is to small on the instruction sheets.

As good as technology is getting don’t let it make you lazy.

I’m glad they work for you Frank, I definitely think the majority of smart home/smart light users would not expect to have to operate them from a light switch… I can’t really undestand why you have these bulbs if you only turn them on and off with your existing mains switch?

Most other brands of smart lights will return the state of the light, so if your light was on and you have a power failure, when the power is restored your light will come back on. If it was off - it will be off when the power comes back.

The technology is already there - most other brands (Yeelight, Philips Hue etc.) have the option. As you point out, LIFX are already using the technology by restoring the colour/brightness when power is restored to it.

This is basic functionality, not some science-fiction level tech :wink: In my opinion - the fact LIFX staff can’t be bothered entering this discussion or following up on their earlier comments after this much attention suggests they’re simply not interested in appeasing their current customers - they just want to try and woo new ones.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Frank. There have been suggestions (although not in this thread) around “Default to previous after one power cycle” (likely a power-outage) vs “Default to white 100% after two power cycles in quick succession” (ie: switch on-off-on) which as you’ve found does appear to already exist. I believe there was even some beta software once upon a time that let you turn on this functionality on the original bulbs.

While it hasn’t been an issue for me personally, it does stand in the way of me getting around to swapping out some of the physical light switches (in the kids’ rooms) for something that does it via software.