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What Mgmt Capabilities Does LIFX Need?

One of my biggest frustrations w/ LIFX is lack of management capabilities. Some things I’d like to see:

1 - Report listing of all lamps/devices including all defined attributes as well as status info such as last seen, last AP, last wifi strength, DHCP lease, errors, etc. This s/b fairly easy to do and would be extremely beneficial.

2 - A dashboard/console. A phone app is great for 4 devices but, at least for me, not so great when managing more than that. I want something on my laptop/desktop that lists all of my lamps/devices and statuses. Sorted by room or last seen or ??. I should be able to click on one to change config or get more detailed info on signal strength or other bits. Something like what Ubiquiti have done would be good.

3 - Give me a way in the dashboard to adopt a new device automatically or manually.

What else?

LIFX sells these bulbs to a very targeted consumer audience . You buy the bulb knowing that you get an app for the basics and two APIs for extensibility in case you need more. What you want is all programmable and I have programmed most of the things you mention.

Yes. The question is if they want to remain selling only to a narrow hobby market or to a wider daily use market.

They lost a deal for doing approx. 26 GU-10’s in each of about 4500 houses per year due to difficulty with initial setup and ongoing troubleshooting. This might have been too big of a project for them anyway. Where do they want to be in 5 years? A niche hobby product (or out of business) or a general use consumer product?

I don’t know where you get these figures from but if there was demand at this scale, you can be assured that a third-party developer would have developed the dashboard you mention for wider commercial use based on their APIs. The fact that nobody has says something.

With regards to LIFX’s business strategy, I am not going to get into an in-depth conversation about it here but what makes sense to me or you, it does not necessarily make sense for LIFX. I always make my purchasing decisions based on what the product looks like at the time of the purchase, not what it might look like five years down the road. This has worked great for me as I never get disappointed this way.

I was one of the advisors on the project and my house was one of the testbeds so I know the numbers well.

LIFX may well want to remain a niche product for a narrow group of hobby users and that’s fine. Unfortunate for those who’d like to see them become more than that but that’s life. I can’t see investing what they have in the product for that though. Nor a way forward from a profitability standpoint.

The question then is what do they need to do to become more than a niche product? For many of us there’s a dire need for better management capabilities. More in another thread.