What's going on in this video of one of mt beams

hi guys, for only the 3rd time in i think as many years, i’m encountering an interesting scenario with the 1st beam i ever installed. oddly enough, it’s a combination of the original starter kit with added beams (2) and replaced beam sections that. (the pins burned out within the first 6 months, 1 pin burned black in the sections that would no longer light. lifx gladly replaced them back then an i’ve no problems since…until now. video included here. i was out all day and came home to the lights doing what the video shows. had to cut it short because of file size constraints. i’ve already tried replacing the power supply with a new one. that made no dif. i can turn it off on the app but it turns itslef back on doing what you see in the video. ANYONE???

here’s the video for the beam issue that mysteriously started up. the video doesn’t show, the light also turns red but, goes out completely before that happens. (WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free) (Link from WeTransfer, My Account) how do i send a video with a query that is a new problem? copy & paste that link and d/l it. it’s not malware, a virus or any stuff like that. so, scan it before playing it. i’d like an answer. at this point since i’ve changed the power supply and that didn’t work…i’ve also reset the light twice. no good. geez well i can’t get the link in here no matter what i do. so, now, ask me for the video cauz pictures don’t capture it.