What's happening with adaptive lighting?

Multiple places on the internet “its coming” (including this forum)… we’re still waiting… any update?

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@delfick-employee, sorry to call you out but I’m calling you out (you’re the one who replies the most)

What’s the deal??


I just noticed delflicks profile:

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Maybe @paulwrussell could shed some light on adaptive lighting?

I’ve jsut had a browser of some old threads to catchup on this topic…

We dont have this as a priority as we have been focused on getting 2.90 & 3.90 firmware updates to public release. These will have significant colour and connectivity improvements.

We have also been working on improving our Day & Dusk schedules which do much the same thing as adaptive lighting. The big improvements with this change are that the schedules will not override the state of the lights anymore, and when you do turn them on, they will update to the correct temperature immediately.

Il take a look at the effort involved in this and we will decide whether it’s something we work on in the next 3.X release, or roll into our Matter development. After we get 2.90/3.90 out, we really want to focus all our engineering on Matter development.


thanks for providing this update @paulwrussell! As long as it’s on the way/still planned, I’m happy…

To hear major colour and connectivity improvements are coming is very exciting.

When I first started installing these I noticed how they just kinda did that type of thing on their own. Which I was really impressed with. As time has gone on, they don’t do much of anything special anymore without direction. And even then they don’t always do it the way it’s set up or they have.

Today, I had midday lighting at 6pm. And even when I run a tailored routine, the lights just went dark all at once instead of over time. I have noticed that all my HA has gone wonky and even thought I had been hacked. But why mess with my lighting, when you could go after my DoD computer.

Better Dusk & Dawn will be great. And getting back to a better interaction between commands and where they leave things when done.

That Adaptive Lighting. It’s still adapting. We have the same Therapist.