What's new with Lifx?


I’ve being using Lifx bulbs for awhile now, and I havent seen much new features like Phillip hue.

Just would like to see some new official things and improvements such as like a better audio sync / visualizer and ambient light features or even some new peripherals.

Would like to hear the community’s thoughts on this.



Be nice if the bulbs worked. But I appreciate your sentiment about the lack of development. The candle bulbs are underwhelming, but at least it shows some signs of life at lifx

When I say work I mean lifx should at least try to get close to the reliability of a dumb light, or even that of a smart switch. Now, not so close.

But they are definitely worth the effort if one can make them work. If you need to pay someone to make them work for you, then lifx is not for you.

I’d love to see something happen with the really basic issues like: What is the current status of the power outage problem?

Really regret not getting Philips Hue :frowning: