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What's Your Light Controller Solution?


I am a bit late but here are some video of the installation and use of AutoBuddy.

First one is where to find it, in the start of installation

The next one is the second part of installation

The third one is configuration and use

You probably want to jump to the last one.


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Hi - Hoping to rekindle this conversation. I like the Flic button, but I hope there is a less expensive solution to turn rooms on/off. My idea is to trigger the lifxlan python package on a central Raspberry Pi with a wireless signal from physical switches around the house.

This is really a RPi question, but what type of wireless transmitter would be best?

The python script would only need to know which switch sent the signal, so very little data needs to be sent to the RPi. I figure a Bluetooth LE transmitter would work well, but have also thought about Zigbee.