When a bulb goes "offline" why doesn't it try again?

To anyone else wanting to try this update please note the warning on the page:

Important: Access to this pre-release firmware is by invitation
only. Usage without a written invitation from LIFX (for example an email
from our support team) may void your LIFX warranty.

If you don’t want to void your warranty you will want to email the support team at support@lifx.com, explain your issue and ask if the latest firmware will help. If they think it will they will give you the all clear to update.

Seems like i am working through the same issues as well. Everything that I am asked to try doesn’t seem to work for more than a few min. I am hoping that the next step is the beta if it worked that well for you…is sucks having to cycle the lights to get them to work.

Hey all,

We’ve been getting good results with the latest Beta firmware. If you want to get access to it PM me or ask the support team. If you have a support case open give me the case number, if you don’t I will open one on your behalf.

We would really love to get some feedback on this update. Our internal testing is showing really positive results.

Here’s my support case number. 161580

I’d like to test this, but the system doesn’t seem to allow me to PM you as a new user. We’re developing something that talks to LIFX, and we’re having terrible trouble with the bulbs dropping off the network. We also have WiFi debugging tools and plenty of experience with QCA embedded WiFi devices, if that helps.

I took you out of the new user sandbox, take a shot now. :smiley:

Please send me the latest beta. I’ve got 4 color 1000s that keep going offline after random times.

I’m also having this problem, which has been worse since upgrading to the new 1.8 firmware a couple days ago. Is 1.8 the (now previously beta) firmware that everyone is referring to in this thread? I’m hoping it’s not and there’s something else I can try because the constant power cycling of the lights is getting frustrating.
I have 14 white 900s with multiple, random bulbs requiring a power cycle daily.

Yes…please tell me the beta firmware isn’t the one that my bulbs just got updated with. I love and hate my bulbs (Color 1000)! They simply don’t stay online and I’m using an expensive wifi router essentially in the same room. I’d love to purchase more bulbs, but can’t do so until I get this fixed. I currently own five of these bulbs and they randomly fall offline.

The 1.8 firmware is now live in the application. You will only have the 1.9 Beta firmware if you have asked support for it.

If your bulbs are randomly falling offline you should contact support. They will likely give you the 1.9 update if you report that issue (and your cloud data matches), but feel free to explicitly ask for it.

Well after a couple days with the 1.9 beta, my bulbs seem to be greatly more reliable, with no loss of connectivity, and even the moble app seems much more responsive. Thanks LIFX for having an active development team.

Now if only the LAN protocol was slightly more fleshed out to allow for one-way broadcasts to set any/all the specific bulb parameters (change only hue, only brightness, etc) without excessive and onerous two way conversations, and I’ll call it a mature product.

It’s already the the best and most versatile color bulb out there.

Wow…I upgraded to the 1.9 beta today and my bulbs are also MUCH more reliable. It hasn’t been long since I updated, but so far I’ve been very happy. Thanks for this update.

I’m getting the same issue with my Color 1000s (but not Originals). I thought it might have been the router and/or my massive spamming using the python SDK but I’ve eliminated both as the reason.

I’ve logged a ticket. Fingers crossed for the 1.9 beta. :slightly_smiling:

Hi. I would like to request for the update for my bulbs. I have the same problem with dropping bulbs.


I have eight bulbs and having a frustrating experience in getting all of them connected/online and running. Finally after spending 4-hours, i was able to get them all configured with groups only to see them all go offline next day and i have to manually switch on and off them.

Love the bulbs but configuring them for automation and keeping the setup running stable has been very frustrating.

The mobile app on iPhone is also very poorly designed.

Can I get an update that would keep the bulbs always connected reliably?

I sent a support ticket to try and get the update but have not heard anything back. At least it’s amazon prime so easy to return.

Just letting everyone here know that the 1.10 firmware, which has fixed this issue for many of our customers has now been released in the latest update of the iOS application. The Android application will be updated in the next few days.

Once you get these updates please apply the firmware update to your bulbs (you will be prompted) and let us know how it goes. If it does not improve your experience please contact support@lifx.com.

I found 1.09 good and only seen one bulb go offline since I upgraded to 1.10. :grin:

Tremendous improvement with 1.10. Bulbs still go offline quite often, but they come back on their own now, so the inconvenience is pretty minor now.

I still see the bulbs go offline about 1-2 times a day but they do come back eventually. I hope it gets worked out so they are always online as its not passing the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) if they are not always online.