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When a bulb goes "offline" why doesn't it try again?


Hi Chris,

Have you contacted support at Have you got a case number for me to follow up?


Im in the same boat here, I have had the bulbs for 5 months now and basically am using them as a basic bulb now such a waste of cash! I have tried numerous things and all the support answers dont seem to do anything, the bulbs constantly go on and offline. Just tonight I have my niece over and she wanted me to show her the cool colors and guess what… bulbs mostly stayed offline and bounced in and out, such a waste! Im so disappointed with this whole thing.


Not sure if this will help anyone – but I fixed this problem by disabling the “Auto Channel Select” on my WiFi Router.

I believe my router was changing WiFi channels on-the-fly based on airwave congestion. I think when the router made a channel change, the bulbs didn’t handle it to well.

I hard-coded the channel in my wifi router and the bulbs have been rock solid ever since


I struggled with this too, but (cross my fingers), the bulbs have been fine since I changed the router settings to “N-only” and I also shut off the 5GHZ signal, then I rebooted the router. I have an ASUS RT-ac56U, btw. I didn’t need however to lock the channel to one or another despite a number of nearby wireless networks. Wireless is tricky!


My bulbs are also randomly disconnecting from the cloud.
It occurs about once a month.
I have 4 original and 1 color bulb and it seems to only occur that the originals about once a month.
Power cycling reconnects them.
I’ve logged several support requests over the months with the latest #184379


Any progress on this? I’ve had a bulb for about 2 months without issues, but it’s now randomly dropping offline and needs to be physically turned off and then back on again to come back online. We purchased one bulb as a test and are about to buy a bunch more for our office, but this is holding us back because having to maintain an entire fleet of bulbs with this issue isn’t going to be worth the effort.

Any recommended fixes?


Hi @toigo have you contacted about this? Could you describe the network you are running the bulb on? Would i be able to get the serial number of the bulb (or mac address) or can you PM me the email the bulbs are connected under so i can check our logs?

Thanks Kevin


Hey Kevin,

Thanks for your help! I’m working with our network team to make sure that auto channel mode is off for the wifi network the bulbs are on, but if that’s the case and I’m still having problems I’ll follow up with you. Can you let me know how to send a private message here since I couldn’t find the functionality?



Still no luck Kevin. Even with auto channel switching turned off on our wifi, we’re still having the same problem. I just sent an email into with all of the details on the light bulb.

Some bulbs stop advertising over LAN protocol

Support ticket number is 186067


I am having the same issue. My bulb will not stay connected to my wifi network for more than 30 minutes without disconnecting. I have already reset once, updated firmware, reconfigured router, no luck. Support ticket 187017.


I had the issue, took my bulbs out of the DHCP range and gave them a reserved address in DHCP settings. No problem after that with disconnecting.


I’ve been playing around with settings and different LIFX apps for months now. nothing seems to keep the connection for more than a few hours at best.



I think I had one bad bulb, i had the large color bulb that wouldn’t stay
connected. I followed their network setting requirements, the only setting
i had to change was subnet mask. Replaced the color bulb with a new one
and also installed a white bulb, both have worked without issue since


Thanks for the info.

I did not know the subnet mask was of importance. I figure it would have the gotten that from the DHCP?

Do you use any third party apps or the cloud? or just the standard smartphone app?


I had the issue, took my bulbs out of the DHCP range and gave them a reserved address in DHCP settings. No problem after that with disconnecting.

I tried this as well, and it did not work. I am wondering if the bulbs hang on to their old IP and the changes have caused conflicts.


Nope, they are DHCP and use what they are given once they connect from what I have seen.
Sorry nothing more I can say. I am about to move my bulbs over to a different wifi network as my router supports multiple concurrent SSID’s and try that.


I did this as well, and so far so good (only been an hour). Thanks!

Update… 4 of my other bulbs are offline now…so channel2 did not work for me.


I set up the light bulb up with the LIFX app and then I use primarily
smartthings and echo to control the lights. Changing color is a rare
occurrence, so when I need to change colors I use the LIFX app, it seems to
work more precisely than smartthings.


Hey guys, do your bulbs still have the “offline” problem with the latest firmware?
Yes, my White 800s with v.1.20 have.
In my case, both of two bulbs go offline in 10-20 min (but are sometimes still pingable) and do not try to reconnect. Power cycling is required to recover the WiFi connection.
I tried some 2.4 GHz channels (including 2) but none of them solved the problem.

It appears crowded WiFi environment is related to the problem, and only the solution is to use a completely non-overlapping 2.4 GHz channel. But it is not realistic for people living in a city area including me. Twelve networks are detectable from my room.

In addition, does somebody know the 3rd generation bulbs still have the same problem? I am wondering to replace my White 800s with 3rd generations.