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When a bulb goes "offline" why doesn't it try again?


This matches my symptoms too. There is something wrong in that I can’t rely on the LIFX bulbs and it doesn’t make sense to create a separate network.

I have don’t my own low level programming for testing but haven’t had time to switch to using that in production so I don’t know if it would help. I did notice a lot of chatter between the bulbs. I have > 100 IP devices including about 30 LIFX devices.


I’m noticing similar behaviour with my 4x Gen 3’s. After a certain amount of time (usually 3-4 days) the bulbs (sometimes all, sometimes only some) suddenly become unresponsive and appear offline (App, LAN and HTTP) and must be power-cycled.

I can’t put them onto a dedicated WLAN at the moment, but I don’t see why this would be a problem if people are reporting that being in the same broadcast domain/lan but on different AP’s fixes the problem. For what it’s worth I have MAC IP reservations configured on my router and they are outside of my DHCP range.

Are LIFX devs looking into this or can comment?


I’m pretty sure the bulbs do not reconnect when they go offline because they are actually locked up/crashed. I have watched a continuous ping to them and noticed when they get within a few minutes of crashing, they start dropping packets about 50% of the time until they stop responding all together. One of my bulbs always did it first, then the others usually followed behind either a few minutes later or hours later. All gen3.

I moved mine to their own ssid on their own AP which improved the crashing from a couple of hours up to around 24 hours. Then I moved them over to their own vlan which was entirely separated form my normal lan. After this, they never disconnected again for at least 2 days. But now they responded a lot slower through the app because it was forced to go through the internet for any changes. I am now trying to return these. Too expensive for a beta product.

In my testing I have determined the cause is not wireless interference, not my networking equipment (unifi ap and gateway), and not the android app. It is something the bulbs can’t handle on my normal network, something they should be ignoring but are not and it is causing them to eventually crash. Happens more often when I am actively using my main PC (gaming, youtube, etc.). But your guess is as good as mine as to what the actual cause is. I read another user had determined it was his raspberry pi that was causing it and once he disconnected it from his network the bulbs stopped crashing. Again, not acceptable for a wifi device such as this to be so fickle.


I too have to join this club unfortunately. Not happening too often but still annoying and it seems random with different groups of bulbs experiencing the same issue. As Rooster has mentioned here and in other posts, its the App and LAN protocol. I turned on 10 bulbs using Logitech Pop Switch that uses the LAN protocol and then 30 minutes later used the POP again to change their brightness and white to warm white. 3 of the 10 did not respond. I opened the IOS App and it shows the 3 bulbs as On and full brightness. I check the wifi signal and don’t have any dots for 2 of the 3 bulbs. Trying to change their state and colour appears to work in the App, but nothing is changing on the bulbs themselves.
I then turn off wifi on my Phone and connect over the internet. Now the bulbs tell me wifi is full strength and I can control them instantly with the App! I also tested the same bulbs using a Flic button which uses the cloud also. No issues. Worked every time I clicked the Flic.


Just to continue to add onto this. I tried putting all my LIFX lights onto their own AP, then using ACL’s on my managed switch, denied all traffic except basic DHCP/IP to the router (Bulbs <-> Router) and TCP/UDP ports 57600 to my mobile phone and router (everything having DHCP reservations). So all traffic except explicit LIFX commands and DHCP were being blocked before even hitting the bulbs.

It works fine for about 12 hours before one of my bulbs (random ones) go offline and becomes unresponsive, requiring a power cycle to get reconnected again. This happens with different bulbs too so I don’t think it’s one bulb in particular.


Same issues for me. Thanks for saving me the trouble of going to that extent.


I own three LIFX Color 1000 bulbs. Two V 121 and a BR30. The 121’s work perfectly but the other one keeps disconnecting sometimes just after I’ve reset the lamp is powering it. Any help with that?


Another “me too”. I recently bought 10 gen3 bulbs and every single one of them has this issue. I’m about a week or two in and every day multiple lights have disconnected themselves with no explanation. Sometimes they’ll still be down after power cycling them the first time, but if that happens they usually come back on the second.


The first of the “fallacies of distributed computing” is “The network is reliable.”, so not coding for the possibility of the network going down is what I would call “doing it wrong.”

As far as my specific case, I’ve already contacted support and installed a firmware update they sent, and it was the same story the next few days. I’ve tried wireless channels 1 and 11 and have just set my router to channel 6, but I won’t be terribly surprised if that doesn’t help either, because no matter what channel you pick, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, or can go to the other 19 people whose networks show up and ask them all to set theirs to a different channel, there’s going to be someone using an overlapping channel.


It might be a little too early to tell completely but I think I discovered something pretty major that might apply to some of you.

I’ve had a Ethernet over Power adapter that I installed to generate a distant WiFi hotspot. (LIFX lights weren’t using that hotspot) but I ended up unplugging it with the intention of relocating it and after it’s been off for a day or so, I am seeing exceptionally improved response times on LIFX lights as well is no offline issues.

Hopefully this helps some others.


Have you tried the 2.14 Beta Firmware for the BR30 (3rd gen) light?


Thank you! That might’ve done the trick.


I had trouble with 8 bulbs, 3 of which kept not responding. This happened only when I also downloaded on my phone and controlled over data connection (not wifi). From that point on I encountered continuous issues with the 3 same bulbs. Basically log out of one (wifi or data) and stick to 1 method of control, otherwise they seem to conflict. I live in a very built up area and had no issue with channels. Hope this helps.


Hi, I have 9 Lifx bulbs, all have been working fine. I had a brief wifi outage today and while they all turned back on of their own accord (in fact I don’t think they ever went off) i cannot control them with Alexa and when I check the app, they appear to all be offline. I cannot connect them to wifi again, and it doesn’t need a firmware update as I not only did one last week, but I checked and it says all visible lights (so 0 basically) are up to date. Help! This is $450 in bulbs that are down! My husband is not happy and we have no control over any of our lighting like normal!


In the Alexa app, in the Smart Home section, have you tried to “Forget” your devices ?
Then try do “Discover” them again.
I had a problem recently with one bulb that had dropped and that Alexa couldn’t discover even after a reset of the bulb.
I ended up reseting/renaming the bulb in the iPhone LIFX app and was able to on-board it again and make it discover by Alexa with that new name. Quite tricky but worked…


Ok, I will try that today its definitely worth a try thank you!

Lindsay Roza
On-Site IT Solutions, LLC


I have same problem as mentioned by many above. 8 lights, 2 of which, constantly lose their connection and do not work because of lost connection particularly when they are in part of a routine that runs. I.E. when I say “Hey siri, Good Night”. Everything in that routine works except these two lights. When I investigate, their connection has dropped to either internet or to their cloud. With a couple of tries again, they will start working. Very annoying!


I have a total of 17 LIFX A19`S

I constantly have them dropping off the network. I have tried everything over the last 18 months to resolve this issue once & for all.

I have literally spend 200+ hours over this time talking with product support members over this time. I have tried every option possible with no positive results.

I have even added in additional wifi access points. & are currently on my 3dr router. My honest opinion is the product it`s self is flawed.

200 hours & still not 1 % of improvement.


I had a lot of problems with the 1st and 2nd Generation bulbs. They would drop off the network 3-4 times per week and require power cycling. The most recent 3rd Gen ones are solid though and I’ve had no problems at all with those. But yes, the early ones in my experience were very unreliable to the point that I put Wemo devices on so that I could remotely power cycle them all.