Which router should I buy?

I have about 14 bulbs and 6 pop switches. My router doesn’t seem to be stable for this many clients.

What’s the cheapest solution that is reliable for 20-30 devices?

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I’m assuming you have an all-in-one wifi/modem/router.

Might be worth getting a Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-LITE.
I think a few people on the forum use them, I do. I have around 30+ wifi devices on my network and it copes well.

You’d still need your router, but not doing wifi will be one less task for it, so it might work better.

Great suggestion, I’d rather not have to shell out the cash for a mesh system. Yes I have a wifi router from my ISP, plus I have TP-Link Archer C8 - which is supposed to be a “premium” wifi router. But I still get drop offs using one or both of these (in a 650ft condo).

I’ve never used that type of AP you linked, is it hard to setup? It looks like it uses POE only?

the UAP-AC-Lite comes with a POE power injector. I have two of them, talking to a Ubuquiti POE switch (so I don’t have to use the injectors), which in turn connects to a Unifi USG router. It’s a rock solid setup.

Do you have any older hardware? If so, perhaps you could install openwrt/lede on it. I’m having great results with this on 2xWNDR3700v2s. Particularly atheros based hardware is very well supported. Unfortunately your archer c8 isn’t (an archer c7 would’ve worked great).

Cheapest solution is to use what you have :slight_smile: and most people have a few generations of wifi gear lying around at this point…

I can also confirm that what I’ve seen of the ubiquiti gear is pretty good if you end up buying, or there’s always the previously mentioned archer c7 which is both cheap and good (and supports alternative firmware). Personally I’m considering getting some of the ubiquiti ac-mesh (standard, not pro) units which are pretty cheap, though I may just wait for gear with 802.11ax at this point as my old N gear is still working pretty well for me.

13 lifx V1, 6 lifx V2 and 1 zstrip here…

Pop switches if from Logitech are bluetooth and connect back to the one hub that is WIFI connected.
As others would have said 10 or above is usually the limit for more basic wifi routers, I use Google Wifi at home, bulbs are stable always working and no problem with the number of devices I have ( 11 bulbs and about 20 other devices), the ISP router only handles 10 devices so I have bridged that to my google wifi and it works really well.

Ubiquiti is GREAT and will do the job, but MANY other residential routers will work. Your TP link should work fine for 14 bulbs assuming you don’t have 50 more hardcore users using that router. In a condo, you probably have the issue of one or more people using he same WiFi channel you are using for your LIFX bulbs. I have 27 bulbs in 3200sqft running on a Securifi Almond+. Initially, things were not working well for me and several bulbs dropped their connection regularly or would lose their connection completely. That made it very hard to do a demo for friends!!!

BUT, after changing channels to one less used by others around me, things worked MUCH better. I also have 22 other devices (in addition to the 27 LIFX bulbs) that use that router and now have MUCH less issues with non-responding LIFX bulbs. Not completely perfect yet, but much better after changing channels.


Since I got the google mesh setup, my lights have been solid.

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