White 800 behaviour when fading out, then turning back on

I thought I’d share some issues I think I’m having with the White 800 and API calls. Essentially I’m using the HTTP API to turn a White 800 on and off at different times of the day.

I’ve found that if I use the following URL: https://api.lifx.com/v1/lights/id:xxxxxxxxxxxx/state (where the x’s are a valid bulb ID, that’s always on and connected) and this JSON: { ‘power’: ‘off’, ‘duration’: 5 } it works. However if I then use the same URL but following JSON to turn it back on at a later time { ‘power’: ‘on’, ‘brightness’: 0.3, ‘duration’: 5.0 } the bulb will show as on and set to the correct brightness in the LIFX Android app, but won’t actually turn the light on.

I know both commands work if sent on their own, having turned the light on or off using the LIFX app first, then using the HTTP API code, it does actually work correctly.

It might be that using fading with the HTTP API and White 800 specifically has issues when fading out, then fading back in?

Hi @Tubbby,

Your bulb might have a hardware fault (that actually triggers on the fade out, not the fade in).

Could you please email support@lifx.com and then PM me the case number? We’ll get you to do a few quick tests and if it does appear to be faulty we’ll get you a new one post-haste.


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the quick response on this - I’ve contacted support and will DM you shortly.

A quick question, how do you send PM/DMs on here?

Many thanks for your help so far…

Ah I forgot to promote you to basic user, I’ve done that now.

Just visit my profile, and click the message button. :smiley:

You can also click my name anywhere it shows up on the forum, and click message too.

Hi Dan,

I’ve not heard from you in a while on this - can you provide an update at all?

Many thanks,


Taber should be arranging a replacement for you as we speak. Sorry for the delay.