White Restore Gone?

I purchased two new 3rd generation bulbs for my son’s room, to replace his original. I was unhappy to discover that they dont have the white restore feature?? What kind of backwards nonsense is this? That feature is the only reason my wife allowed the bulbs.

You may need to update the firmware. The LIFX app should ask you to do it automatically, but you can use the manual updater here: http://www.lifx.com/pages/updates (scroll down to where it says “Or update via your computer”)

This is currently an open bug on our internal issue tracker. Unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline until it is restored but it is something we are currently working on (and very interested in fixing)

Seriously, where is this at?? I’m dumbfounded that all of these new “features” are coming out, yet we can’t even get our bulbs to turn on white without fumbling for a phone or making a smart switch work.

Still waiting… My bulbs are currently unused and I definitely am not buying anymore until you add this simple feature back.