Why and how were the format of hue and saturation changed in the 'set states' API endpoint?

I have a whole series of lengthy set state commands that include selectors such as:

“selector”: “id:xxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“power”: “on”,
“hue”: 79,
“saturation”: 0.05,
“brightness”: 0.4

I’m seeing that now hue and saturation are completely ignored, and are no longer listed in the ‘set states’ API documentation as parameters. It does refer to using color, which shows H/S/B as valid entries. Why does this no longer work? Did the format change? As many have noticed, something was obviously changed on many of your endpoints with no notice or versioning. What needs to be done to get these back in working condition?? The brightness change still takes place, just not the color change.

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Hi supporting hue and saturation on the top level of the json construct was not part of the api and was undefined behaviour. We recommend that your implementation follow what is on the documentation to ensure correct behaviour.

With that json struct i would recommend the following changes

"selector": "id:xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"power": "on",
"color": "hue:79 saturation:0.05 brightness:0.4"