Why are some bulbs chatty?

I have over 60 bulbs active but only a small number are very chatty – seeming to just send their state frequently and the others are just quiet. Ideas on what is happening and why?

2:40:32 PM Bt2ceiling       StateService  {"service":5,"port":56700}
2:40:32 PM OfficeClosetLamp StateService  {"service":1,"port":56700}
2:40:32 PM OfficeClosetLamp StateService  {"service":5,"port":56700}
2:40:32 PM Bt2ceiling       StateVersion  {"vendorId":1,"vendorName":"LIFX","productId":1,"productName":"Original 1000","hwVersion":6,"features":{"color":true,"infrared":false,"multizone":false,"chain":false}}
2:40:38 PM OfficeClosetLamp StateWifiInfo {"signal":0.0012589250691235065,"tx":12708240,"rx":10376080}
2:40:38 PM OfficeClosetLamp State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":3500},"power":0,"label":"OfficeClosetLamp 03b240"}
2:40:38 PM Bt2ceiling       StateWifiInfo {"signal":3.9810709040466463e-7,"tx":7395100,"rx":6678552}
2:40:38 PM BRRmfClosetLamp  StateWifiInfo {"signal":0.0000015848925158934435,"tx":48262400,"rx":46926012}
2:40:38 PM Bt2ceiling       State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":3500},"power":0,"label":"Bt2ceiling 03b138"}
2:40:38 PM BRRmfClosetLamp  State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":5500},"power":0,"label":"BRRmfClosetLamp 0092bd"}
2:40:44 PM Bt2ceiling       State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":3500},"power":0,"label":"Bt2ceiling 03b138"}
2:40:44 PM OfficeClosetLamp State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":3500},"power":0,"label":"OfficeClosetLamp 03b240"}
2:40:44 PM BRRmfClosetLamp  State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":5500},"power":0,"label":"BRRmfClosetLamp 0092bd"}
2:40:47 PM OfficeClosetLamp StateService  {"service":1,"port":56700}
2:40:47 PM OfficeClosetLamp StateService  {"service":5,"port":56700}
2:40:47 PM OfficeClosetLamp StateWifiInfo {"signal":0.003981070592999458,"tx":12708548,"rx":10376338}
2:40:47 PM OfficeClosetLamp State         {"color":{"hue":0,"saturation":0,"brightness":1,"kelvin":3500},"power":0,"label":"OfficeClosetLamp 03b240"}

Checking more – I have 64 bulbs online at the moment. The chatty ones are the three oldest (still in use). Is this a bug in first generation bulbs?

Related – is there a way to get a bulb to broadcast a message when state changes?

Another related question – what are messages 111 and 406 which I see but which aren’t documented?

I have a lot of bulbs too…what are you using to monitor them? All I’ve got is Unifi… which is working well

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I’m using a JavaScript app that’s listening to the UDP port. This only seems to be happening with old version bulbs (oldest MAC addresses) running version 0x20001 firmware. I too have Unifi and the newer bulbs work well. Just wondering about those broadcasts.

There’s a separate issue with broadcasting being only semi-reliable though eventually it seems to pick up the buls