Why do lights take forever to load when not using main account?

My partner has the LiFX android app and every time she opens the app it takes about 10 to 30 seconds for the lights to appear so that she can turn them on/off, change brightness etc. In fact it takes so long she’s given up using the app now.

For me the lights load almost instantly and I can turn them on/off without waiting for the app to load. Also I find it weird that when my partner is logged in to her app it says the name of the our WiFi network and not the name of the house.

Does anyone know why this is the case? I have tried removing the app on her phone and signing back in but it still doesn’t seem to improve things.

The apps utilize the light’s continuous connection to the cloud to quickly access up to date information about the state of the lights on that account. If you are using a different account, then the app needs to collect all that information over the LAN connection, which can take 10-30secs depending on a range of factors.

Log in in her phone is the answer. You see the bulbs under the wifi network name when the app had to discover the bulbs.

Hi, do you mean log in with my account, the main account? Ok I guess that’s what I’ll have to do.

I would love to see an update which improves this as I don’t see why another account which is not the main account can’t also see the same state of the bulbs that the main account does without having to collect it over the LAN but without the same privileges.

Yes. Lifx does not support multiple accounts controlling the same bulbs. You claim your bulb to your account, you can’t claim them multiple times. That is why you can only have one account. There is no main account just the account that was used to claim the bulbs.

I got it – there is technically no such thing as a main account. The terminology is relative though, as a non-technical person will likely conceptualise accounts with some hierarchy, even if there is none.

I’m a bit taken back LiFX hasn’t added support for multiple accounts already, I guess it’s not a common need by the majority of their users?