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Why does it seem Lifx is the only IoT device with connection issues?

I’ve owned multiple IoT devices like Nest Thermostat, other bulbs like TP-link Kasa bulbs and switches that have been connected to the internet for roughly a year and a half now without any issue regardless of router setting, regardless of changes I make it will connect.

I figured I’d get a high quality Lifx bulb to replace to TP link ones and now it likes to disconnect and go into an unrecoverable state which requires a power cycle.

Why is it that every other device can handle reconnecting without issue but Lifx just gives up if there is a slight struggle and requires special hardware and router optimization? I think it’s a design flaw and not the router if everything else can deal with it but the Lifx can’t.

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Buggy firmware, or at least I hope so even though it takes an eternity, it can get fixed. I have LIFX Z controllers that keep dropping off my network. I used to have issues with the other bulbs too but LIFX updated the firmware and it would appear to have resolved those issues. However, my LIFX Z are still on 2.77 which I don’t believe has the latest updates they rolled out to the other bulb models.

I’ll admit I fixed a lot of issues switching to a Netgear consumer router but the only issue I have left is the bulb disconnects after the DHCP lease expires. I know my DHCP server works because obviously every other device / IoT device works perfectly as well. Only work around that shouldn’t be necessary is setting my DHCP lease time to something crazy like 1 year.

Honestly if LIFX were to fix the issues with a firmware then it would seriously be the best IoT light bulb.

I have invested a few thousand dollars in Unifi networking gear so I would like to avoid introducing other brands in the mix just to address what is likely a bug.

Rachio Irrigation Controllers are just as bad. I’m going to sell it and get a RainMachine.