Why is LIFX Support Unresponsive?

What’s the deal with LIFX “Support?” I submitted a ticket several weeks ago, and I cannot get anyone to respond besides the silly automated reply. I have reached out via email and via the website multiple times with ZERO luck. Does anyone work in Support at LIFX???

I have 12 bulbs, four of which now appear to be defective. They’ve suddenly gone dim over the past couple of months. Other LIFX bulbs on the same circuit work fine, i.e., they’re bright, change colors, etc. I’ve tested the defective bulbs in multiple lamps on different circuits. I can see them on my network, and everything appears to be fine except that they’re dim. I’ve tested applying different levels of brightness, but they don’t change.

What’s most disappointing is the TOTAL lack of engagement from “Support.” Likewise, they provide no way to reach out by phone or chat – no way to get more information or find out how to return/replace the defective bulbs.

LIFX – shame on you for failing to support your loyal customers!!!

While I like LIFX bulbs (the ones that work, at least) I feel I have no choice to submit complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. Maybe if enough folks make their poor customer experiences known, LIFX will improve its service.


Have you had a reply yet

Im echoing this. I sent a support ticket over 2 weeks ago. I got an automated reply saying that theyre still working on responding, and that was over 10 days ago. This is a pretty long response time from a company like this.

I’m in the same boat.

Placed an order 3 weeks ago, order hasn’t shipped and despite 3 emails to “support” I’ve yet to receive a single response.

Consider going through Paypal to get a refund if I at least don’t receive an acknowledgement to my multiple emails…

Supporting products is expensive. Always has been and likely always will be.

An increasing number of companies have recently been trying the low/no support model. Put the product out there, make it as appealing as possible, sell whatever you can as inexpensively as you can, enjoy the profits, next.

This is not a model for long-term business sustainability but for making as much profit as possible while you can and then moving on to something else. Nothing wrong with it per se but consumers do need to know what they’re getting - a disposable throw-away toy with little to no support. A toy that is fun and can do a lot of fun things but not a product to use where you need to rely on it for light.

Hue is a lessor product in many ways. It is not as bright, has a more limited color palate, colors aren’t as deep and the app is quite poor. Hue is generally more reliable and has better support though.

Unfortunately you kind of have to take your pick.

Do you hVe your lights connected to IFTTT?