Why is my warm white green?

I just purchased my first LIFX bulbs… a Z strip (experience version) and a BR30. Anything warmer than neutral (3500K) on the Z strip looks quite green rather than a warm white and does not look remotely close to the BR30 on the same setting. All three Z segments I attached to the controller seem to match reasonably well (i.e. all green).

It did a firmware update when I first installed today, though I did add 2 segments after doing the firmware update… which work fine after pressing the button on the controller.

Additional Info:

Going to the color wheel on the Z strip, it appears that I can dial in all the colors, so it doesn’t seem any of the color LEDs are dead.

Sounds like you’re having problems getting your Z-Strip colors matching in the app and on the strip.

I think the issue was a bug in a past firmware and was fixed in a newer one. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Actually, it did get better. Though now I seem to be having a problem at the opposite end of the spectrum. Anything over 7000K now has a distinct blue color. The BR30s are what I’d expect for a very cool white color.

The warm end of the spectrum is reasonably good all except for 2500, which is noticeably more orange than the BR30s.

It would be nice if the firmware for the Z-Strip could be locked down with something that reasonably approximates what it should be, and in any case matches what the BR30s do.

I have the same issue. White colors reflects objects green. Almost neon like. I have both LIFX mini and Beam.

I want for the most just have normal white light. Preferably warm and not making my skin look green if I’m close. Any thoughts from LIFX team?


How green are we talking? I’ve got one bulb which has always skewed a bit green. White is still recognisably in the white category, but the warm white feels weird, and when you put it next to another Lifx bulb on the same setting, you can really see that it’s a bit green. It’s reminiscent of the earlier days of warm white LEDs, when the colour tended to be a bit off.