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Why is my warm white green?


I just purchased my first LIFX bulbs… a Z strip (experience version) and a BR30. Anything warmer than neutral (3500K) on the Z strip looks quite green rather than a warm white and does not look remotely close to the BR30 on the same setting. All three Z segments I attached to the controller seem to match reasonably well (i.e. all green).

It did a firmware update when I first installed today, though I did add 2 segments after doing the firmware update… which work fine after pressing the button on the controller.


Additional Info:

Going to the color wheel on the Z strip, it appears that I can dial in all the colors, so it doesn’t seem any of the color LEDs are dead.


Sounds like you’re having problems getting your Z-Strip colors matching in the app and on the strip.

I think the issue was a bug in a past firmware and was fixed in a newer one. Are you still experiencing this issue?