Wifi Pairing for new/reset bulbs

Is there any open process for telling lights to join my local wifi network without using the app? I’m building a C# library and would like to add this functionality.
I have about 50 lights in my house, and telling lights to join the network via the app, one at a time, is SOOOOOO SLOWWW

If you search GitHub for LIFX onboarding, you might find something useful.

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I wonder if this works also to change the AP name? I’ve got a habit of using an AP name in some way related to where I live but I’ve now been forced to set up an AP alias derived from the location of my previous apartment. It would be too painful to change it to ~20 lights! :persevere:

It works for any type of reconfiguration. It requires resetting the bulb and waiting for its Soft AP to appear, then connecting via that AP and sending a magic packet to the device.