Wifi sync is an irredeemable product failure

It’s such a disappointment that LIFX still refuses to open their wifi connection protocol. I have over 50lifx bulbs in my home, all connected through LIFX switches. Yesterday due to ice storms, our home experienced multiple power failures over a short period of time - resulting in every light in my home going through a factory reset.

Now, I’m forced to re-sync all my lights to wifi using the app one.at.a.time… and I have to do it MANUALLY. What’s insane is that every light has a static and unique identifier - so why isn’t there a reset recovery option? Ever had someone who doesn’t understand how the lights work mess with your switches? Better hope you don’t have more than one light on that switch. Why do I need to re-perform all the installation steps like I just unboxed the light, when the light had already been synced to my cloud account, and it has a static ID???

Please please please open up your wifi connection protocol and let more capable hobbyists/developers fix this problem. After how many years your product has been released, it’s clear that you need some help.


If you search the world’s most popular hub for storing Git repos, you might find a repository that contains hacks for LIFX products. Well, a hack. But it’s a good one, you’ll like it.

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I gave up months ago, I have a box full of dead wifi lifx bulbs!