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Will Pay For Custom Schedule/Routine

For the life of me, I cant seem to find a solid description of what Day & Dusk does. I cant tell if its just a set schedule, or if it can actually shift with the time of year like F.LUX. I cant tell if it controls brightness also, if it can be edited, etc.

I’m trying to build “fake windows” using LIFX as a component, and Id like the windows to shift color temperature with the time of day, automatically. Basically what F.LUX does. I want to match the outside as much as possible to create an illusion. (I do not want to shift circadian rythms and create a fake circadian cycle where inside seems like a different time of day than outside, or something that tries to combat seasonal effective disorder)

So, at this point, I would really appreciate direction, OR i would be happy to pay someone to create a custom routine if what I am looking for doesnt exist!

SOW would be:

At the bare minimum, the color temperature shifting routine would need to:

*take into account our geographic location, to establish proper sunrise and sunset times that match where we are located

  • change colors automatically, and not require manual intervention

Ideally, the routine would also:

  • turn on and increase brightness, and decrease brightness and turn off, with sunrise sunset, while also shifting color temperature

Cherry on top feature:

  • the routine would create some slight motion/ripples/imperfections to simulate movement “outside” the fake windows

I would ideally use the ribbon lights, but I could also use the panels. I will be building the rest of the windows with combinations of reflective material, Fresnel lenses, and framing.

I appreciate all your time! Contact me here or at thedgband at gmail dot com

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