Will Pay For Custom Schedule/Routine

For the life of me, I cant seem to find a solid description of what Day & Dusk does. I cant tell if its just a set schedule, or if it can actually shift with the time of year like F.LUX. I cant tell if it controls brightness also, if it can be edited, etc.

I’m trying to build “fake windows” using LIFX as a component, and Id like the windows to shift color temperature with the time of day, automatically. Basically what F.LUX does. I want to match the outside as much as possible to create an illusion. (I do not want to shift circadian rythms and create a fake circadian cycle where inside seems like a different time of day than outside, or something that tries to combat seasonal effective disorder)

So, at this point, I would really appreciate direction, OR i would be happy to pay someone to create a custom routine if what I am looking for doesnt exist!

SOW would be:

At the bare minimum, the color temperature shifting routine would need to:

*take into account our geographic location, to establish proper sunrise and sunset times that match where we are located

  • change colors automatically, and not require manual intervention

Ideally, the routine would also:

  • turn on and increase brightness, and decrease brightness and turn off, with sunrise sunset, while also shifting color temperature

Cherry on top feature:

  • the routine would create some slight motion/ripples/imperfections to simulate movement “outside” the fake windows

I would ideally use the ribbon lights, but I could also use the panels. I will be building the rest of the windows with combinations of reflective material, Fresnel lenses, and framing.

I appreciate all your time! Contact me here or at thedgband at gmail dot com


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You can do most of this with the schedule feature, which allows you to follow sunrise or sunset. When you set up a schedule, click on “start time” and then go to “with the sun” rather than “specific time”. It selects your location, and you can click on either sunrise or sunset. The text box which says “at sunrise” can be clicked on, so that you can select any time from three hours before sunrise to three hours after sunrise.

Do you know how to make Scenes and then turn them into Schedules? It’s several months since you posted this, so I’m guessing you either figured it out or gave up.

Bear in mind that unless you live on the equator and need 12 hours of sleep, you may end up shifting your circadian rhythms this way. Do you actually want to be getting up and going to bed with the sun, no matter when it does this? If you want light but not a circadian shift, I’d recommend making your lights orange in the evening if sunset falls too close to bedtime. I’m far enough north (Edinburgh) that I’d cause a circadian phase delay if I had my lights mimicking the colour of the sky in summer, and spend winter evenings annoyed at not being able to see properly for half the day.

As for the ripple effect, that might be possible using animated Themes, but I don’t think you can schedule them. It may be possible using third party apps.

Do you have a circadian rhythm disorder, out of curiosity? I do, Non-24 Sleep-Wake Disorder, and I have it under control using smart lighting and also by putting on orange-tinted glasses every evening. So I’ve been doing simulated sunrises and sunsets for years, I’m good at it, they’re pretty sophisticated. They follow our lifestyle schedules rather than the sun, though, so that they’re consistent throughout the year. The sunrises fade up through blues and purples to help wake us up in the morning (pinks at the weekend, it’s softer, as getting up is less urgent), and the sunsets fade down through gold, orange and red to encourage melatonin production in the evenings.