Windows 10 app not working

My two Color 1000 lights disappeared from the Windows 10 app. When I try to add them they don’t show up. I signed out and when I try to sign back in I get an error message that says.

Unable to Authenticate TypeInitialization_Type_NoTypeAvailable

As per many other support requests, this is the development forum and not LIFX support for apps.
Contact support at LIFX directly.
I would suspect you are not authenticating to your LIFX cloud account hence the message.

Lifx support does not respond. Hence me posting this here.

Let me know your support case number and I’ll chase up support to make sure they respond to you.

Unfortunately that is said all too frequently. Daniel should be running support and kicking @$$ as he does a great job here.

I already do a fair bit of support for the more technical cases involving the LIFX Cloud, and broken cloud connections. Which is why the support team don’t mind doing a few favors for me.

On a positive side, we have recognized that support times have been getting a little bit long, and we are working to increase the size of our support team in order to bring this back down. So expect this to get much better soon.

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Your ticket number for reference is 167273.

@Riekopo, I’ve followed this up with support. Let me know if you don’t get a reply shortly.

Im having the same problem please help me

Hi @prennela,

Do you have a support case open? If you do let me know the case number, and I’ll see if I can get you on the Beta program.

Still doesn’t work over two months later.

I had the same issue. I enabled Alljoyn support in the app and after closing it and re-opening it, I noticed all the bulbs started showing up. Not sure what the issue was, but it’s working now.

I’m not sure what you mean.

When you open the Windows 10 LIFX app, check the settings icon and you’ll see an “enable Alljoyn”. AllJoyn is an open source software framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and communicate with each other and is being developed by the AllSeen Alliance. After I enabled this, it appeared to resolve my issue. Incidentally, LIFX and Microsoft are both members of the Alliance.

I should also state that I made sure all my bulbs were cloud connected. I’m not sure if the Windows 10 app requires this or not.

I can’t get into the app. That’s what my post is about.

Sorry, I see that now. I saw the part where you said your bulbs stopped showing up and that is the exact thing that happened to me as well. In my case, I didn’t sign out and back in.

We are currently testing a Beta version of the Windows application. We would love to hear back to see if we have fixed this bug for you.

You can join the Beta program by filling out the form here, make sure you choose Windows 10 Desktop. At the moment there are plenty of spaces available so you should get an invite link almost immediately.

I was told that the Lifx Windows 10 app would be updated weeks ago. It still hasn’t been. That beta software says it hasn’t been updated since November 12 2015 anyway.

Edit: I tried the beta software and the problem persists.

Okay, I’ve reported the issue against the Windows 10 Beta. Seems they haven’t released the app because they are still working on fixing it.

I updated my Windows 10 to the Anniversary Update. Now, the Lifx app is working again. It must have been some kind of Windows 10 problem.

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