Windows app not working

I contacted tech support but they did not respond.

Until recently, my Windows app was operating without issues. Now, when I use the Windows app, it prompted me for my email address. After typing in my email address,, I get an unable to authenticate error message. Please advise what to do next.

Same issue. Is the Windows app no longer supported??

That’s what I have heard.

I had this issue and I suspected something happened to the config in the apps folder.
Luckily I had a second install on another win 10 PC and copied the contents of that folder to the other windows 10 PC that had this “unable to authenticate error message”.
Once I copied over that folder it worked again.
The folder was:
“C:\Users'your user name’\AppData\Local\Packages\LIFX.LIFXAllJoyn_12cgvk5sr8bq2”

I do not know which file in there was causing the problem.

What I have just noticed is that if you look for the Lifx app in start menu>programs (use the search feature)
Once it appears/is selected, look on the right hand side and select the settings option in the details tab.
This will take you to the apps specifications/options page in windows.
Scroll down and try the reset app button (after backing up that folder above some place with 7-zip or equivalent)

I also made sure that the AllJoyn service was running on windows 10. Do a web search for how to enable/disable it and installation.

After that, the “unable to authenticate error message” is gone and the Lifx App works perfectly.

I suggest once you get it working, backup that “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\LIFX.LIFXAllJoyn_12cgvk5sr8bq2” folder and save off a copy of the Lifx install exe from the windows store.

Also, before you update from the windows store.
Backup the Lifx folders in “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps”
You will need to run explorer or equivalent as Administrator to get into that folder. I use Directory Opus, myself. I have LIFX.LIFXAllJoyn_1.8.7.0_x64 at the moment.

Alternatively you can use this but I much prefer proper the Lifx App:
Release 2.3.0 - Color Cycle Feature · samclane/LIFX-Control-Panel · GitHub