Wireless wifi switch for lifx bulbs?

hey folks,
looking for a physical switch or button to turn my lifx bulbs on and off. (dimmer will be a huge plus)
i want it to be wireless so won’t need installation and connected over wifi i guess.
i don’t have a hub or home assistant and wouldn’t want to get one for this.

i’v found Flic which i guess does what i want but it’s about 10x what i want to pay lol and requires hub.
otherwise, i found Shelly button which is more reasonably priced, works on wifi but i’m not sure it will actually work with lifx, will it?
any other suggestions?

what about the Lifx switch?

Thanks, but im looking for something wireless as i cant change the switch itself.
Anyhow, i couldn’t find the right voltage for the lifx switch, i need 220v, 50 hz where i live.

The LIFX Switch supports 110V-240V at 50 or 60hz: LIFX Smart Switch 4 Gang 4 Button

If you’re looking for something wireless, the Flic button works, as does any HomeKit button (if you’re using that). You’ll need some form of home automation system, though. If you don’t have one, the Flic is about the only standalone button I know of that will directly control LIFX bulbs.

Are you sure about it?
i couldn’t find anywhere online where it says so.
and i’m not going to take a risk with electricity, if it’s not officially supported.

and yeah, seems like Flic is the only solution.
Way to expensive for what i want - a simple switch…

The very page I linked to, on the LIFX site, under “Specifications” says exactly this:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 6.38.01 am

Also, I have three of them installed in my house in Australia by a certified electrician and they all run at 220V, 50Hz.

wow thanks mate! good to know, i might get one.
so i assume the us version on amazon is actually the same?

box says 120v but it’s really 100-240v?

The US version may be different. To be absolutely sure, I recommend buying the Austalian version, but that may not meet US regulations.