You guys working on a new GU10?

LIFX-twitter won’t disclose anything about the progress on development of a new GU10 bulb.

Can you at least say if you are working on it?

I’ve just spent about two weeks worth of free time, deciding to buy your bulbs instead of Philips Hue…but apparently I’ve missed the fact that your GU10s got discontinued. 50% of my fixtures are GU10, and the first three I had planned to swap out, are GU10, so I was really bummed when I found out. It’s a complete deal breaker for me. I can wait a few months, but if you can say, that it definitely won’t be within the next 6 months, then I’ll have to choose an alternate solution.


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Is that a “We don’t know yet.” or a “Stop asking. GU10 is our weak spot.” (get it? Weak…spot…ok) or maybe “Why would anyone be using GU10?”

Hi, Unfortunately we can’t comment on any products that may or may not be in development at LIFX. We may be able to help you directly if you email

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

If you what you mean is, that I can maybe buy some leftovers of the original GU10 version, then I’m not sure I’ll want to do that, I feel like it would be a mistake to buy something, that’s going to be irreplaceable instantly (for all I know). That’s not good, when it comes to everyday household items, like bulbs. I’ll consider it, though.

Thanks for the offer. If that was not what you meant, please do enlighten me :slight_smile:

To fix the GU10 problem, you can get GU10 to E26/27 adapters online. I have some for a ceiling fan light that uses GU24.

The real question comes if your GU10 lights have a small-width enclosure. I’ve found, almost always, LIFX are either too long or too wide for most fixtures. At that point, you’d be looking at BR30s to put in those fixtures which might look weird.

I bought some A19 flexible extensions online which I’m using for mine so I can place them in the ceiling fan in a way that they’ll both fit in the bowl and spread the light in it.

Thanks a lot for your response.

I don’t see adapters as a solution, as they ruin the aesthetic since they’re always clunky. Also, most of my lamps won’t light right, with the bulb 2-3 cm closer to the glass.

I am BEGGING for a genuine GU10 Lifx bulb. I will buy the bejesus out of their stock.

If you’ve already emailed them, and they’re not in stock, I think the best bet in these situations is to assume they’re not going to ever be there; at least not anytime soon. I’ve been scouring eBay, and the prices are pretty ridiculous; not to mention, they’re all in Australia. If you can buy more than one, I bet they’ll combine shipping. You should ask the sellers and see if you can get a shipping discount to make the prices more-reasonable per-bulb.

My Assumptions

I’m betting LiFi Labs produced a limited number of Color 650s, and the bulbs didn’t sell well for the engineering cost. Considering the size, they probably can’t use the same hardware as the larger A19 and B30 bulbs nor would they fit nicely in your light sockets otherwise. Not to mention, the more LIFX hardware changes per generation, the more work for programmers in updating firmware. QAing these bulbs has to be a nightmare.

It’s very possible LiFi Labs is working on a new GU10 light, but if that was the case, they’d say something since there are no Color 650 sales to cannibalize by announcing a new product in that socket.

Philips Hue has a light in that size, but they’re fat bulbs. There are some folks that have systems to connect Hue and LIFX together, but man, that’s such a hassle, and you lose out on the LIFX app’s color precision :/.

I’ve been trying to source some GU10s too, just noticed this link when searching this morning, thankfully it looks closer in size to a standard size bulb so shouldn’t have any issues fitting into recessed fittings!


You can now pre-order these lights from the LIFX store. According to the store they will be released September 25th/late October:



Looks like my assumptions were wrong :slight_smile:.

Here’s a link to the official LIFX Downlight announcement marketing page: