Yusing for my art

My lamp is working now, I’ve got the code from a friend, very simple LIFX1234
He’s great now.

I would like to ask for support with the light of yours.
My art works are light sensitive, especially in the UV spectrum which is normally only partially visible.
I want to create my art interactive by the people themselves to play with the light.
Thus, they are in the possibility of, by means of the through your lamps, to change the image of the painting total.

Ben Acket


Oh this sounds like a really awesome idea!

So, the LIFX color bulbs have four sets of LEDs in them, Red, Green Blue and White. Using these it mixes colors together to make one of the many millions of colors that the bulb is capable of producing. I’ll assume you know how light and color interact (eg, red paint reflects only red light, and blue paint appears black in red light).

So ideally if you want to light something with only a single channel in order to make certain colors invisible you want to make sure all the white LEDs are off. To do this use the color wheel to select the desired color, and then set the brightness to 50% or lower.

Since you mentioned UV I should also point out something interesting about our Blue LEDs. They slightly overlap with the UV spectrum, so if you set a light to completely Blue you can use to make some white materials and UV sensitive dyes fluoresce.