Z strips in sauna?

Has anyone tried using Z strips in a sauna? In my case these would run behind the backrest and under the upper bench.

I’m guessing that maybe the strips would be OK but the controller would need to be outside of the hot room?


While they appear pretty robust, the strips are not actually IP rated, so you’d be working outside your warranty. If you got some IP rated diffusion channels that would solve that aspect, however they also get quite warm on their own, before you increase the ambient room temperature and remove all ventilation…

I guess what I’m saying is: you might be okay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they died pretty quickly in those conditions.

Thanks. Sauna’s are not nearly moist enough for anything to require an IP rating. Typical humidity is around 10% with short bursts to perhaps 50%. I may need to protect them from dripping sweat though.

I think heat, likely 150-170° where strips would be placed, to be the highest risk factor.